The information presented is an unofficial guide to how courses may transfer. Other factors to consider are grades received in the courses, the year in which the course was taken, and the major pursued after transfer. In all instances, final decisions about acceptance of course credit will be made by Dyersburg State Community College.

AP - Advanced Placement

If you take these courses:
  • Calculus AB is designed to be taught over a full high school academic year. It is possible to spend some time on elementary functions and still cover the Calculus AB curriculum within a year. However, if students are to be adequately prepared for the Calculus AB examination, most of the year must be devoted to topics in differential and integral calculus. These topics are the focus of the AP Exam.
    Credits: 0.00

Dyersburg State Community College

You may receive up to 3.00 credits for:
  • (Prerequisite: MATH 1630 or MATH 1710 or ACT mathematics subscore of 25 or greater)This course emphasizes limits, derivatives, continuity, Optimization Principle, curve sketching, exponential and logarithmic functions, definite and indefinite integrals, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and integration of substitution and parts. 3 hours lecture.RODP Equivalent Course - MATH 1830
    Credits: 3.00
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Additional information

Minimum Grade:
You need a minimum grade of 3 to transfer these courses from AP - Advanced Placement to Dyersburg State Community College.